Erika’s incredible Health Benefits using Skinny Body Care and a 40 pound weight loss!


Hi Everyone, my name is Erika. I just wanted to update you all on my weight loss journey so far, so here we go (please be nice!):

This is very hard for me but I want to be real with you, so I’m sharing my story and picture. I feel that with having a short torso only makes me look huge, therefore I avoid taking pictures of myself!

Since dealing with multiple health issues including Severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Migraines, IBS, Celiac, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Menopause and Severe Allergies (food, chemicals, environmental, medication, etc.) to name a few, which made it extremely hard to lose weight! Needless to say I gained over 100+ Pounds from my meds.

I figured I had tried so many diets and at first I would lost weight and then gained more back. So why would Skinny Fiber be any different?? I watched and ask tons of questions before making the leap. I was pleasantly surprised. IT DOES WORK!!!! With Skinny Fiber I no longer wake up feeling nauseated, no more migraines, no more menopause symptoms, normal blood pressure, no more meds for IBS and I am currently working on reducing other meds. As the new products were launched, I added HiBurn8 and E3. I sleep so much better and have more energy than before! It’s been a challenging year with eating gluten free. A lot of pre made foods have lots of salt and other stuff that make me swell up like a balloon. This year I plan to make my own food, so I can control the ingredients! I have toned up and eliminated my rolls which is huge for me. I’d like to say that I’ve lost more, but I have managed to lose 40 lbs and some inches and have kept it off for over 1 1/2 years even though I’m not able to be real active. I also got real sick in summer 2016 so I gained a bit back, but I’m a work in progress!!!

The products has so many other health benefits like being 100% all natural and gluten free which is really important to me. I could go on and on! The products are definitely worth the cost! I believe in the products so much that I became a distributor to help others get healthy. I guarantee you will love your results as much as I do or they will give you your money back! It has a 30 day money back guarantee on 1 bottle and a 90 day money back guarantee on our mix and match specials-Buy 2, Get 1 Free or Buy 3, Get 3 Free. *** You have nothing to lose but the weight and regain your health *** LOVE SKINNY FIBER, HIBURN8 and E3


Kim’s Success Story! IBS & Fibromyalgia almost next to none!

Good Morning !!! I would like to share a bit about my weight loss journey ….Hi everyone my name is Kim I am currently using Skinny fiber…. here is an updated pic of me since I started one year ago last April .. I take 2 skinny fiber twice daily with at least 16-24 oz of water I am not on any special diet however my portions are very small now compared to before I have no cravings for sweets like I used to .. I rarely exercise … my fibro symptoms IBS & anxiety issues are next to none now … Still losing inches peeps…..I do not weigh myself & stopped measuring after I lost over 80 inches!! I`m loving it …I also want to add my cholesterol & liver enzymes are down according to my Dr. yesterday which is awesome news!! I love my skinny fiber

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Kristina – NO more IBS

Look at Kristina!!!! OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A GREAT JOB!!

Here is what she posted….
“After years and years of struggling with my weight, something finally clicked. I want to have kids sometime in the near future, and my health issues were making that less possible every day.
Late one night, I was looking through Facebook feeling so alone when I found this group. … and I was shocked to find people… who felt like me!
For about a month I read stories about Skinny Fiber, but I was too cynical to let myself believe in it. I finally ordered 3 bottles, and I only wish that I had given it a chance sooner!!
Skinny Fiber has changed not only my health, but my life. My IBS is gone, and my blood pressure is almost normal! There is no such thing as a “miracle pill”, but if you give Skinny Fiber a chance to work, and drinks TONS of water, it will work!!
This support group has helped me stay focused, and Skinny Fiber has helped me feel like a different person! I still have a lot to go before I get to my goal weight, but I know that I will get there! That is a statement that I would never have made before Skinny Fiber.
I am grateful every day for the changes I have made!!”


Laura ~ No more pain with IBS!


So happy to say that I have completed my first 90 day challenge!! Well even though this a bit embarrassing to share a personal issue I have I know I am not alone and want others to know they are not either. When I started this challenge my main focus was to try skinny fiber to help with serious IBS issues I had suffered with long enough. I was in so much pain daily I allowed my IBS issue to take control over me and it unfortunately effected all aspects of my life. I knew I was ready to take control. I never would have been able to for see all the great things that were around the corner for me. I began to be more energetic, have less anxiety, no more pain and was losing weight! Now since my main goal was not to lose weight I did not keep track of measurements but the weight loss was definitely a bonus…now I’m down a pant size, lost 25lbs, feeling pain free and have never felt better about myself! I feel free and in control of my body thanks to Skinny Fiber! That is more rewarding than ever!

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Betty ~ Are you ready for the change?


For everyone who thinks Skinny Fiber is too expensive…
Betty says:
Why Wait? I had someone tell me Skinny Fiber was “too expensive” so I did a little research.

In 2013 alone I spent $3,000.00 in Emergency Room visits – stomach issues… $75.00 a visit (minimum of 5 visits this year) to my doctor because I was so sick… stomach issues.. bought countless bottles of Pepto – Zantac – Omeprazole – pain meds for RLS – creams for my rosacea – and new underclothes because of my IBS.

Since I started Skinny Fiber – just 8 weeks ago – I have spent a total of $59.00 twice $118.00 TOTAL… and I no longer have RLS issues – no longer have IBS issues – my rosacea has cleared up… I’ve lost about 10 pounds and about 30 inches overall. When I compare what I have spent on my medical issues to what I spent for my Skinny Fiber – well… actually.. I see no comparison.

Are you ready for the change?

Jackie ~ Size 14 to a size 10!


Jackie is an awesome example of how our product and company are life changing! She says “I have tried so many weight loss programs and products that didn’t work for me. I took another chance in April and by October was down to a size 10 from a snug size 14. –As a fat kid I vowed if I found something healthy that really helped people lose weight I would tell the world. This is my chance to give back and we are in an amazing position the make a difference!”

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And don’t forget to take advantage of the incredible free online support system and the online weight tracker you get with your Skinny Fiber order!!! All this for just $1 – $2 per day based on how you order!
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Teresa! No more IBS, Acid Reflux, aching joints!



Today is my Skinnyversary! 1 year ago today I started taking Skinny Fiber. As of today, I’m down 44 lbs and 82″. I can’t believe I’ve been consistent and committed to a healthy lifestyle for 1 entire year straight. WOW! Year 2 begins today and I’m going to stay just as consistent and even more committed if that’s even possible.

Not only has Skinny Fiber helped me lose weight, but I feel so good. I have an energy that I don’t think I’ve ever had, even when I was a kid. But it’s not a tweeking out, jittery, heart racing kind of energy. I wake up in the morning and I’m ready for the day. When it’s time to go to sleep, I get in bed and read for a few minutes and I’m out like a light and sleep all night long. No more tossing and turning, no more waking up and staring into the dark. No more waking up and feeling like I need a nap.

Another thing Skinny Fiber has done for me; no more aching joints. My hips, knees and ankles were killing me, my lower back hurt all the time. I don’t hurt anymore and this has given me the courage to believe that I could exercise. In the past, I always used my knees and hips as an excuse for not exercising. But now, I’m jogging. As you know, I had a little set back last week in my jogging routine, but I’m not quitting. I got up this morning and walked to get body muscles warmed up and then I jogged for 1/2 mile and walked to cool down. I WILL work back up to where I was and continue from there.

Also, no more meds for me. No acid reflux (I haven’t had heart burn, indigestion or acid reflux for 1 whole year). No more problems with my esophagus, no more IBS.

Not everyone has the same experience that I’ve had, but many have had even better results. There are people who were on their death beds and are now healthy and medicine free. Some people lose weight immediately and others don’t see any changes for 3 to 6 months. It just depends on your health, your body and how committed you are to succeed.

“Skinny Fiber is not a magic pill. The magic is in you!” quote by Caryn


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