Paul has lost 14 Waist Sizes with Skinny Fiber! What a CHAMPION!

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This is what he has to say..

“My name is Paul, I live in Arizona. I have struggled with obesity most of my adult life. I have lost weight many times but always put it back on. Early last year my 33yr marriage ended and I was struggling with my weight again. I was depressed and doing a lot of “comfort eating”.

My weight increased to 400lbs and due to lack of exercise my legs were useless. I’m a type 2 diabetic and my blood sugars were out of control and my A1c was 11.5 which can cause renal failure and other health issues. So last Sept I made a life changing decision to get healthy and stay that way. So I started going to the local fitness center and started a workout program and an “eating clean” regime. I quit drinking soda, cut out fast and processed food, and started drinking water.

In Oct I had lost 34lbs then I discovered Skinny Fiber, I decided to take the 90 Day Challenge on Oct.21, 2013 I weighed 377lbs. I continued to exercise and eat clean. At the end of the challenge in Jan. I have lost 53 lbs with Skinny Fiber and 14 waist sizes! Today I weigh 315lbs down 85lbs total, and still at it. There is no finish line in this lifestyle. It saved my life!!”

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Nice work Cynthia!!

Ok Here it goes this is me Cynthia-Rae Bush…I have always hated having my picture taken and you can see why in my before and after testimony. I said when I started my journey I would bite the bullet and do it. Well today is the day…
Like most of you reading this I tried so many things to lose weight. Sure I would lose some buy always gained what I lost back plus more. Then a year ago I was on Facebook and like you sat and watched testimonies come across my news feed about Skinny Fiber and Ageless and how it was helping people with their health and to lose weight plus inches. I was intrigued with this product because people were reporting that their health was improving and they were able to cut back on medications under doctors orders. I had read some testimonies where it was helping people with Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Blood Pressure,Migraines, Cholestrol, and so much more. My doctor had told me that I needed to focus on my own health because I would be no good to help my family or son if I got sick. So I decided to take a closer look at this product.
I watched the video and seen it was all natural, gluten free and I could even get it in a veggie cap it I wanted it. The best part was that it came with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I thought well nothing else ever worked for me, the cost was very reasonable compared to so many things on the market for losing weight but this one if it did not work came with the money back guarantee. So I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose I could get my money back.
OMG!!! I am so glad that I did because looking at the picture now you can surely see the difference this product has made in my life. Within the first few weeks I noticed I had a ton more energy. I had been falling asleep middle of the afternoon for no reason at all. Then I noticed that my hair stopped falling out. I used to get hand fulls of hair every time I brushed mine and it was thin enough the last thing I wanted was to loose more. The bottom of my heels would crack and my doctor told me that was a sign of pre diabetes.Guess what about 4 months taking this product I noticed the cracks on my feet were closing up from the inside out. I found that I was sleeping better at night and the menopausal symptoms were gone. I used to get bad Migraine headaches they are now gone. My fingernails used to chip and peel and I was never able to grow them out on my own. I always had to do the fake nails. Not any longer. I can finally grow my own because they have become stronger since taking my Skinny Fiber.
I did my first 90 Day Challenge and was able to lose 30 lbs and 27.5 inches off my body. As you can see I have lost numerous inches from the pictures. So far I am down well over 4- 5 sizes. I know some people look at me and say You could not have lost over 4 sizes. Well pictures do not lie. Yes I am hear to tell you that I have. Before Skinny Fiber I would never have put these pictures up as I never once seen myself looking like the lady in the black.
I am still a work in progress but I will always be Thankful to Skinny Body Care and Ben Glinsky for having the desire to help people to regain their health and life. I became a distributor for Skinny Body Care so I can help others because I have seen how Skinny Fiber and Ageless both have helped me.
So there you have it. I promised when the time was right I would show you all the difference this product has made in my life. Let me know if you want to be consistent like me and let Skinny Fiber help you too.

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Jackie ~ Feeling amazing!


Hi I am Jackie ~ I started SF June 10th 2013 ~ I am doing much better, lost lots of inches 35lbs. My diabetes numbers are so much better then they were, I am happy to say! A year ago when I started SF my goal was to to get my life back & feel better by my 60th Birthday in May! Well here we are & I sure do feel better Pain & everything is better then it was a year ago! Here is my Testimony from a year ago ~ “I Have been a very brittle Type1 Diabetic 23ys been in a couple coma’s, had a really hard time adjusting to being diabetic the first few years. I was miss diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes & found out a about 2 years later I was actually Type 1! So with my Type 1 being so hard to control I ended up having to get an insulin pump & I had to adjust to the pump it is never easy being Diabetic it took years to understand this disease & I am still learning!!! I will always have to be careful when sick Diabetes affects your immune system! You have to be aware of how your body feels at all times & stay on top of your Diabetic Health! I love that Skinny had Enzymes because they help your immune system ( I read about enzymes before starting SF) Lol Before I started SF I wanted to know all I could about it I also have Scoliosis which affects my lower back & I have low thyroid! I decided to take my health in my hands, I was so tired of getting sick so easy, tired of having no energy & tired of being in pain! I just knew there had to be a way to feel better I started researching natural remedies, supplements & read on many things. One day in late April I was just on my Face Book I seen a recipe, I also seen it was from a page Getting Healthy with Heather, well I had to check it out so not long after finding it I friended Heather. I asked many questions about Skinny Fiber so to make a long story shorter, I made a new friend for life & even better I tried SF & It really does work! I ordered my first bottle the end of May started it in June! My blood sugars are better then they ever have been. I didn’t measure that first month & I lost the most inches that first month. My pain is much better although I will never be completely without pain since I have had the Scoliosis since a teenager there is a lot if nerve damage, but I would much rather have much less pain than barely getting around at times!!! I went in knowing with my health issues it may take me longer to lose weight, I did not care because I was feeling better then I have in many years!!! Sleeping better, less pain, & from what I have been told not as moody. Lol Seriously though I am happy with my results so far & my Dr is too. In my pictures you can see my progress. SF works!”
I recommend SF for anyone really serious about Getting Healthy & Losing Weight! The fiber & enzymes really help get your body healthy our digestion slows down from eating poorly & as we age it also slows down. The Enzymes & fiber gets your body working the way it should & by doing that you feel so much better. I also use the ageless now & I love it! Being a Cosmetologist I have always took care of my skin, but ageless is so much more then a moisterizer & much healthier for your skin! I feel much happier, healthier & younger now thanks To SF & Ageless!

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Michelle! No more Insulin!! WOW!


Hello everyone my name is Michelle, and this is part of my journey. 6 months down from 324 lbs to 260 lbs

Now 9 months on Skinny Fiber…
I wasn’t going to put anything up yet, but couldn’t wait. I don’t know my weight at this time but it don’t matter because I feel amazing. I can finally walk for 4.3 miles now. I was a person who couldn’t cross the road to check the mail without having to stop to catch my breath. I have gone 5 months without having to give myself a insulin shot. I have also helped out someone that needed that insulin, blood pressure checks have all been normal. I will be posting a full update in November. It will be a year on November 7 that I started on Skinny Fiber.

Skinny Fiber is an all natural weight loss supplement & makes no medical claims of curing or preventing any diseases! But we do have testimonies from lots of people that have reported health benefits in there lives, since taking this weight loss supplement. Average weight loss over a 90 day period is 15 pounds – some lose more, some lose less. If you’re ready to take a chance, you will also get a 90 day money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED guarantee with your order Great, isn’t it?!

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