About Me..

This is me! ~ Lj

Hey I’m Lj…

I’ve just turned 40 this year (2014) and have a new lease on life! My true passion in life is cooking and  I am a cook by trade. I love cooking healthy meals at home for my family to keep us all in tip top shape!  I am  currently working in Aged Care Community Support ( A job I absolutely LOVE)  I also work part time from home with Skinny Body Care. I blog all of my recipes, something that started as a hobby so that my daughter would have something to go by when she wants to cook something and also so that as I age I will remember how to cook… ha ha ha…I am sure I am destined to get dementure! Here is the link to my recipes blog >>> ljsgourmetkitchen.com

I also have a great support group for weight loss and healthy recipes and monthly exercise challenges on Facebook >>>


Those who know me well I am sure are  wondering why I “keep going on about” Skinny Fiber! Here is why:

 I found Skinny Fiber back in June, 2013. I researched it for three months and liked what I found out about it, after asking question after question after question! I started taking it after I returned from a holiday with my sister feeling fat and frumpy to say the least! It has been down hill since then! I am now 8 – 10 kg lighter, (THIS VARIES WEEK TO WEEK) and there is 63 cm less of me! 21 cm of that off my mid section! Woohoo!!! I FEEL LIKE I have 5 kg to go BUT REALLY I AM BACK IN A SIZE 10 (AU SIZING) AND I FEEL ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!  I AM Not concentrating on the scales though, just the feel of my clothes and how I look and feel. I have so much energy and have even started exercising again after many years of being lazy! My daily muscle aches are gone, my nails have grown (never been able to grow my nails ever!) I JUST FEEL FANTASTIC ON THE INSIDE AND THAT IS WHAT COUNTS! A WELL OILED MACHINE SO TO SPEAK AFTER FEELING CRAPPY FOR YEARS!

Anyway, with that all said, I’ll scream it to the rooftops!!! I LOVE SKINNY FIBER!!!! I will tell anyone that will listen! Please tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, anybody about Skinny Fiber for me. Please share my links so more people can hear about this and lose weight safely and quit wasting their money on products that don’t work or products that make you feel drugged with side effects. I am here to help, and keep you motivated!

I have already gotten a lot of questions and even more customers and I won’t stop until I can help everyone who needs me to help them, and I will help anyone! I will walk EVERY CUSTOMER through this process and as long as they take this product correctly, they WILL LOSE WEIGHT, I guarantee it.

Thank you for SHARING AND SHARING AND SHARING my posts so I can help people who want help and hate being overweight! Really it is NOT at all about being SKINNY! It’s about feeling healthy on the inside, having energy, and being able to live! If you would like more information on the 90 Day Challenge you can find it here >>> http://www.healthychoiceswithlj.com



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