Colleen feels like a new Woman!


Colleen has lost 16 pounds since mid November. 16 pounds doesn’t sound like much. But 16 pounds during the holiday season is amazing, Right?

When I first started with SBC I was 30 pounds heavier than I ever was during 4 pregnancies. I swore I’d never hit 200 pounds. I not only hit it, I surpassed it. (Great I finally was good at something… gaining too much weight!)
I couldn’t walk up a hill without needing to use my inhaler. I couldn’t pass up a carb at any time. And I had horrible hot flashes.
In Mid November I started on Skinny Max. In mid December I added HiBurn8.
I now walk between 5 and 15 miles a week, depending on the weather. I still take my inhaler with me, just in case, but don’t use it nearly as much. I shy away from carbs as much as I can. And my hot flashes have decreased so much. If I even have one now, it is very slight in comparison to before SBC. I feel like a new woman.
50 isn’t over the hill it’s just a bend in the journey.


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