Sylvia is losing her baby weight!

Sylvia shares her updated story.. she is doing FANTASTIC!
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She says:
I made this side by side yesterday but was to nervous to share it. After losing 68 pounds a couple years ago using Skinny FIBER I got pregnant and I let myself go and gained it back during my pregnancy. I was ashamed of letting myself go so much but you know what I have a beautiful healthy baby boy and I’m now doing what I have to do to lose it! This is the very first time after having my baby to lose this baby weight so fast! I’m almost back down to my pre pregnancy weight! All my other pregnancies I’ve never really lost it all to tell u the truth. So I’m happy to say with using Skinny Fiber, drinking lots of water and counting my calories I have lost 56 pounds so far!! I’m still a work in progress but this to me is a great achievement!!! I am so have Skinny Fiber to help me and I thank the LORD for putting this amazing product in my life years ago!


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