Amy is Kicking GOALS!

This Just in from my friend Amy C!!!!
My personal update. I started Skinny Body Max just after The New Year. I’m not a scale fan. I’m a measurement fan. Maybe that’s just the Nurse in me, we measure everything.
I also started more weight training again , doing 3-4 days a week mixing some cardio- walking and elliptical in with arm weights. I still have a knee issue so trust me it’s nothing strenuous.
I cut out a lot of gluten, the probiotics and digestive enzymes have hugely helped( in Skinny Max) and then in February I added the Hiburn8 Pm. That has been a miracle in itself.
My pants around my rear end and legs are fitting a lot better. The Hiburn8
Has helped with digestion to the point that my IBS with chronic constipation is gone. I was living on stool Softeners every night.
I only do 1 Max at a time because my system can’t handle A lot of fiber but it’s getting better. Not going to be totally fixed over night, but I’m so much happier with my system !
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