Kim’s Success Story! IBS & Fibromyalgia almost next to none!

Good Morning !!! I would like to share a bit about my weight loss journey ….Hi everyone my name is Kim I am currently using Skinny fiber…. here is an updated pic of me since I started one year ago last April .. I take 2 skinny fiber twice daily with at least 16-24 oz of water I am not on any special diet however my portions are very small now compared to before I have no cravings for sweets like I used to .. I rarely exercise … my fibro symptoms IBS & anxiety issues are next to none now … Still losing inches peeps…..I do not weigh myself & stopped measuring after I lost over 80 inches!! I`m loving it …I also want to add my cholesterol & liver enzymes are down according to my Dr. yesterday which is awesome news!! I love my skinny fiber

90 Day Challenge: Healthy Choices With Lj

Weight Loss Support & Encouragement Group:

Healthy Choices With Lj ~Eat Less ~Exercise More ~Become a healthier you


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