Brittany say “I have never dieted and don’t plan on starting “

You all asked and here it is! My updated picture!!! I have stayed the same since January at 135 lbs since stopping Skinny Fiber! I am not gaining weight back and still eating whatever I am wanting. I am making healthier choices because Skinny Fiber HAS Stopped my cravings for complete junk! But… I have never dieted and don’t plan on starting so I still do enjoy eating snacks on occasion.

Now… I am taking HiBurn8 every single night (that I remember to take it)! Because guess what, on the nights I don’t take it, 3 am is still my bedtime, thank you insomnia… but when I take HiBurn8, I have gone to bed at 9, 10, 11….. WOO HOO!!! Those of you that know how bad my insomnia is… this is such a huge deal to be able to go to bed before 3 am!!!

* 40 Lbs and 35 Inches GONE 🙅
* Drinking More Water Than Ever 💯
* Not Craving as Much Junk 🍫 🍎
* More energy to do anything I want 📈🎳🏃
* Medium Clothes In 👗
* XL Clothes Out 👕👖
* More than 3 hrs of sleep/night 😪🙆👏

Overall Feelings…

90 Day Challenge: Healthy Choices With Lj

Weight Loss Support & Encouragement Group:

Healthy Choices With Lj ~Eat Less ~Exercise More ~Become a healthier you


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