Morganne…Size 18 to a Size 12!

Thought it was time for another update says Morganne! The first picture was back in November, my first 90 day challenge. The girl on the left was so lost. Working for a company I hated and took advantage of me. Friends who weren’t supportive, and a hardworking family that didn’t believe I could be or do anything special. I was stuck, unhappy, and had no belief in myself, and forgot how to dream. I would have terrible migraines that I would wake up with, and go to bed with. I could never get rid of them, even with my prescribed muscle relaxants. I take SF and Hiburn8, and my headaches are completely gone, and I no longer take my muscle relaxants. I have lost 46 pounds, and went from size 18 jeans to a comfortable size 12! I have a belief in myself, and can look myself in the mirror for the first time in my life, and be happy with the face staring back. I have goals, and plan to reach them. I know I will be successful with SBC, and I am so blessed for the amazing opportunity.

Take the first step in your own story today! Skinny Body Care has an Empty Bottle Money Back Guarantee so really you have nothing to lose by trying our products besides that extra weight! Invest in yourself!



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