Mike’s 14kg (30 pound) weight loss!

Just in from Michael Burch!!

I first started on my quest to lose weight..I had been watching and reading all those people here on facebook, reading about their journey to weight loss. After 2 years of standing on the sidelines watching, I decided to take the plunge and order skinny fiber. At that time I weighed in at 236 lbs..I was also taking multiple meds for lots of medical conditions..prednisone..for sarcoidosis..metformin and glipicide for diabetes. Gabapentin for nerve pain.clopidogrel for the 3 stents that was put in me 7 months ago.lisinopril and lovastatin,,hydralazine..blood pressure..cholesterol.low dose aspirin ..vitamin D 5000 iu …krill oil capsules..all told taking 28 pills aday..since taking skinny fiber plus hiburn8, I have reduced my meds down to 12 a day…eliminating completely gabapentin , no more nerve pain associated with diebetic nerve pain. I have gone from 236 lbs down to 207 lbs….now this has been a struggle..as my weight goes up and down I will lose several pounds..then put a pound back on..there is no such thing as a continual drop in weight, it will go down and then up..but it is the continual drop over all that counts. I still eat my bread, and a donut once in a while..but I have found they just don’t taste as good as they used to. So here it is folks..if you are serious about losing weight , getting healthier..wanting to improve your life ..You need to order and take SKINNY FIBER & HIBURN8..IT IS LIFE CHANGING..I have my next drs appointment  coming up, will post the results of that appointment..THANKS SKINNY BODY COMPANY..YOU ROCK…MIKE

Get yours here: 90 DAY CHALLENGE!

90 Day EMPTY BOTTLE Money back guarantee!!



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