Nice work Cynthia!!

Ok Here it goes this is me Cynthia-Rae Bush…I have always hated having my picture taken and you can see why in my before and after testimony. I said when I started my journey I would bite the bullet and do it. Well today is the day…
Like most of you reading this I tried so many things to lose weight. Sure I would lose some buy always gained what I lost back plus more. Then a year ago I was on Facebook and like you sat and watched testimonies come across my news feed about Skinny Fiber and Ageless and how it was helping people with their health and to lose weight plus inches. I was intrigued with this product because people were reporting that their health was improving and they were able to cut back on medications under doctors orders. I had read some testimonies where it was helping people with Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Blood Pressure,Migraines, Cholestrol, and so much more. My doctor had told me that I needed to focus on my own health because I would be no good to help my family or son if I got sick. So I decided to take a closer look at this product.
I watched the video and seen it was all natural, gluten free and I could even get it in a veggie cap it I wanted it. The best part was that it came with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I thought well nothing else ever worked for me, the cost was very reasonable compared to so many things on the market for losing weight but this one if it did not work came with the money back guarantee. So I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose I could get my money back.
OMG!!! I am so glad that I did because looking at the picture now you can surely see the difference this product has made in my life. Within the first few weeks I noticed I had a ton more energy. I had been falling asleep middle of the afternoon for no reason at all. Then I noticed that my hair stopped falling out. I used to get hand fulls of hair every time I brushed mine and it was thin enough the last thing I wanted was to loose more. The bottom of my heels would crack and my doctor told me that was a sign of pre diabetes.Guess what about 4 months taking this product I noticed the cracks on my feet were closing up from the inside out. I found that I was sleeping better at night and the menopausal symptoms were gone. I used to get bad Migraine headaches they are now gone. My fingernails used to chip and peel and I was never able to grow them out on my own. I always had to do the fake nails. Not any longer. I can finally grow my own because they have become stronger since taking my Skinny Fiber.
I did my first 90 Day Challenge and was able to lose 30 lbs and 27.5 inches off my body. As you can see I have lost numerous inches from the pictures. So far I am down well over 4- 5 sizes. I know some people look at me and say You could not have lost over 4 sizes. Well pictures do not lie. Yes I am hear to tell you that I have. Before Skinny Fiber I would never have put these pictures up as I never once seen myself looking like the lady in the black.
I am still a work in progress but I will always be Thankful to Skinny Body Care and Ben Glinsky for having the desire to help people to regain their health and life. I became a distributor for Skinny Body Care so I can help others because I have seen how Skinny Fiber and Ageless both have helped me.
So there you have it. I promised when the time was right I would show you all the difference this product has made in my life. Let me know if you want to be consistent like me and let Skinny Fiber help you too.

To start your 90 Day Challenge >>>


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