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The picture on the right was a month after I had a mild stroke. We knew we had to do something to get me healthier, but I have a hard time with diets. I refuse to feel deprived. I want to eat what I want to eat, period. My wife found a post about Skinny Fiber on Facebook. She wanted me to try it and I said as long as I don’t have to diet I will try anything. From the beginning I could tell I didn’t eat as much, when you are full you are full, but I didn’t notice any changes in weight or size until I was in my second month of using Skinny Fiber. Several things have happened to me to make me not want to exercise, a knee injury and rotator cuff surgery are just a couple of them. So with no exercising and no dieting and not always taking it consistently, you see the difference in 2 and a half years. Would it have been better results if I did eat right and exercise? Sure it would and to continue my journey I may start doing that. This has been a slow and steady weight loss and I don’t have to suck on celery. (Sorry to all the celery lovers) Every pound I lose is more time I get to spend with my wife and kids.

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