Shara is doing AMAZING!!!


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On this site ONLY http://healthychoiceswithlj.sbcnewyearsspecial.comShe says…
~ “Well, here it is! My 180 day Skinny Fiber update! I nearly cried when I saw the difference between the two photos! Skinny Fiber has literally changed my life . I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancies … I had 5 babies in 8 years and my body just didn’t recover. Then when two of my kids were diagnosed with Autism, the stress and depression that followed meant more weight gain. For 12 years no matter what I tried, the weight just wouldn’t come off. Then last year I heard about Skinny Fiber. I was skeptical but decided I had to give it a try. BEST DECISION EVER!!! My life has completely changed. I have lost 30 lbs and many more inches. Besides the weight loss i have so many other bonuses …. I am no longer pre-diabetic (yay!), I sleep better, I have no more IBS, I have no more heartburn, I don’t have sugar cravings anymore, my hair is growing for the first time in my life, and I couldn’t be happier!!! The “after” picture was taken today in one of my “too small clothes” I had put away for IF I ever lost weight. As you can see, it is now too big!!! Time to go shopping . I love Skinny Fiber and am so glad I took a chance!!!”

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