If you read no other testimony READ THIS ONE!!!!!


“My name is Daphne and here is my story……I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have been obese since I was a child. Most of my life I was considered morbidly obese by the medical field.

About 16 years ago, I had a gastric bypass surgery. With this surgery I did learn that I was in fact, “addicted to food” as the doctor’s had tried to convince me of. I got down to 175 very briefly but quickly went back up to the 220 – 230 range. That is where I stayed for well over a decade.

When I decided to get serious about my health and start making some much needed changes I was able to get down to 170 briefly but then gained the weight back again. I was now up to 207 again. After a month of that I was ready to get some of that weight off again. I got down to 194 on my own but could not seem to get down less than that.

As a recovering alcoholic I had SEVERE sugar cravings. I couldn’t seem to beat them. I started taking Skinny Fiber a little over a year ago. It helped a GREAT DEAL with the sugar cravings! As a matter of fact I really don’t even care for milk chocolate anymore; it’s too sweet for me. I still love dark chocolate though.

With the help of Skinny Fiber, I got down to 172 during my 90 day challenge. Then at 120 days in I was down to 163. I got stuck there for a good while, but I was ready to make any more lifestyle changes for a while. I did notice however that my body was still slowly transforming and people continued to tell me that it appeared that I was still getting smaller. I also went down another pant size even though I was the same weight.

When I finally became ready to incorporate some necessary lifestyle changes to take my health to the next level, I started using the fitness pal ap and it helped me to see what areas of my diet I needed to improve on. I also started incorporating more than just walking the dogs in my exercise program and that is when I started seeing drastic improvement.

I am doing strength training too now to help tighten up the loose skin from loosing over 100% of my current body weight AND so that at a sitting point I will be burning more calories if I have more muscle on my body.

What Skinny Fiber did for me is got my body back in the healthy state to lose weight, helped a HUGE deal with cravings and I noticed that as my body got healthier I ACTUALLY WANTED to eat more healthy food! (Never in my life has that happened!) When I saw my body transforming after only one month and not just the same body shape, but actually transforming, I was impressed!

I have lost weight many times but never seen that before. Typically, I see the same body shape, just smaller. So, even thought I didn’t really think the Skinny Fiber was working the first month, the pictures show otherwise. So I kept taking it (I was seriously going to return it before I saw the update pic next to the original pic) and I am so glad that I did! It took my body about 3 1/2 weeks to go through the detox phase so right about then is when the weight just started coming off. After I saw the one month update pic I was motivated it put forth a little effort, so I did, and as I kept loosing was more motivated to put forth more effort. I did not change everything all at once. I made rather small changes over a long period of time.

After taking SF a while I no longer have to take 13 prescriptions a day. I take two and they are both minimal doses, THAT’S IT. I have had to take a handful of prescriptions for over two decades!!! I feel healthy now from the inside out. I choose to take Skinny Fiber on a daily basis because it is good for my body and helps my body to process food the way it was meant to. I do notice a difference in the way my body FEELS overall if I miss a day. Continuing to take it is just my personal choice. I am not actually at my goal weight just yet. Have some more work to do to get there. If you have any additional questions, feel free to message me. I have attached my 90 day challenge pic and YES YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT.

Just do it!!!!
We now have a 90 day guarantee … Skinny Fiber is so awesome the company knows if you do our 90 day challenge and make a commitment … 90 days is nothing compared to feeling and looking awesome!!! We know you will you WILL lose weight !

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