Denise ~ Size 22 to a size 10 with SKINNY FIBER!

Another amazing Skinny Fiber Testimony!!!
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My Name is Denise
I started researching Skinny Fiber a year ago (2013).. watched the stories…and knew I could do it. But still wasn’t sure. Did some more research didn’t find anything negative about it except the swallowing part. No big deal.. people were taking them apart….The biggest challenge was the water, and the cost….so in January 2014 after coming home from my holiday.. I quit pop (coke and Ice Tea) cold turkey and drank water. Let me tell you it was hard. But I was determined I could do it.. I did slip up have a coke ,etc…It wasn’t so much the food part as we ate healthy anyways, it was the pop. So I got that mastered down…I started back to work in May 2014 and with my first paycheck I got myself a prepaid credit card gift card and placed my order.
Anyways I detoxed for the first month did not weight myself, for a month, and continued to drink water faithfully. Took my skinny fiber 3 times a day, and 106 oz of water a day. I took all my measurements…followed my fitness app faithfully and the inches started coming off…then the lbs..then I bought my first pair of smaller dress shorts size 14 just after 3 months…I remember the day I walked out of the store with them happy. Then a month later I bought a pair of size 13 jeans….then in October I walked out of Wal-Mart with my size 10 jeans on. Yes I was very thankful that day.
I tried sabotaging myself with no exercise trying to disprove this Skinny fiber but the weight kept coming off. It’s no use IT WORKS!!!!!!! Coming up on 6 months I now work out when I can, and as you can see need to start toning up the arms and legs some more. I ate no breads, potatoes, and pasta the first 3 months. (and let me tell you I’m Italian no pasta is hard) I now have had pasta 2 times and I can control how much I eat as my Skinny Fiber and water make me full. The best part of Skinny Fiber is that I have had no Migraines since starting SF. They were instantly gone as soon as I started. ( I have had a migraine for 11 years once a month for at least 3 days…)
Not only is it working for me it is working for hundreds of people just like me.
At a weight of 212lbs I am now 167lbs today and still going strong.
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