Vicki! One month update on Skinny Fiber!


Vicki says….Okay here’s my testimony on skinny fiber…

I’ve only been taking it now for a MONTH and a half but religiously a month…
I first noticed I wasn’t having problems with acid reflux and no longer having to take my previcid anymore…
The SECOND is was having health issues and went to my follow up appointment with my DR and showed him my bottle of skinny fiber which I had already decided to take instead of the meds he prescribed for me….
As soon as he read the ingredients, he told me to keep taking skinny fiber cause it WAS WAY BETTER for me than the meds he had prescribed for me…
THIRD as you can see in the pics my waist has gotten way smaller…The pics are only 3 weeks apart…I’m here to say I’m very HAPPY with my results of this product!!! IT WORKS! Not just losing weight, but also with health…

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