W.O.W. look at Kelli lose the belly!!


W.O.W. look at Kelli lose the belly!! Great job!!!
Try All Natural Skinny Fiber Here!!

“I have always had issues with my weight since my last daughter 12yrs ago, until i joined a support group here on fb & i seen all these girls posting these wonderful stories about their weight loss after trying “Skinny Fiber” so i continued to watch because of course i was skeptical & then i finally caved & said… I am going to give it try because i had nothing to lose except maybe about 50lbs (Lol). So i bought my first bottle & then i began this journey which then lead me to become a DT, i started noticing the way i was thinking about food was changing, I stopped drinking soda (Pepsi) that was one of my downfalls. I am very active at work because I work in a hosp (12hr shifts) & I stopped counting calories, its all about portion control.
When I take my skinny fiber 30 min b4 I eat I don’t eat nearly as much because I feel full a lot sooner. We don’t realize it but it actually takes our brain 5min to tell us we are full. I had to re-arrange the way I took my pills in the beginning. I took 1 b4 breakfast, 1 b4 lunch, & 1 b4 dinner because of how I work but now I take 2 b4 lunch & 2 b4 dinner & after the 1st week I seen a “LOT” of inches gone as you can see in my pics. I started sleeping so much better after only 2 days & of course the energy is overwhelming! I wouldn’t trade my skinny fiber no amount of money. It has helped me get control over my life & thats why I became a DT, I want to help others just like myself : ) Now I walk 3 miles 4 days a week & just take my skinny fiber religiously & tons of water, water is also a huge factor don’t forget that!”
Try All Natural Skinny Fiber Here!!


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