Jacqueline Sevier. Cancer survivor and Skinny Fiber success story!


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I have battled my weight since my early 20’s. Like most I have tried every diet plan out there. With the majority, I had amazing results until I went off of the different diet plans, then the weight usually came back double. Regardless if I was eating healthy and exercising, I still gained. In 2004 I was involved in a horrible car accident in which I was thrown half way through the windshield (always wear your seat belt). From the car accident I blew out one disc and have another protruding. This made exercise very difficult, but I continued. Finally I gave up, after all the hard work and no pay off (weight loss) it was to discouraging to me. I decided that I was just going to be overweight and I had to live with it. On Christmas Eve 2011 I was rear-ended while I was stopped by another vehicle at about 60 miles per hour. This evening would prove to be a life saver for me. I was driving a BMW X3; needless to say that the car absorbed 80% of the crash, leaving me with what appeared to be just whip lash. When the pain didn’t go away after a week I decided to go for a MRI. A good thing I did because the results showed that my thyroid lobes were enlarged to a total of 8mm and two more discs injured, this time in my neck. After many ultra sounds, radioactive iodine testing and many other tests my ENT decided it was time to remove my thyroid. The biopsy after the removal showed micro carcinoma. It has been a year since my removal and there is no sign of the cancer. Last December I could see in my pants that some of the weight had been coming off, my pants were lose, woohoo. I again began to really watch what I ate and successfully lost 43 lbs on my own. About 2 weeks ago, after a lot of research I decided to purchase SF to assist me in reaching my goal. I received my SF last Wednesday and have lost another 4 lbs since starting it. I am super excited about my weight loss now. I feel full and I have no night time cravings, this all in 5 days. Wow. I can’t wait to see what I look like after the 90 challenge. I am sooo excited that for the first time in my life I am willing to show pictures of where I was at my heaviest and where I was when I started SF. Amazing, simply amazing.

Nov. 20, 2013 UPDATE:
Ok so here is my 90 day update (I know, I know, im a little late), I stuck with Skinny Fiber for the full 90 days and I am extremely happy with not only my weight loss results but also with the overall feeling of greatness every morning when I wake up. I am down now a total of 76lbs and feel wonderful. My goal is another 50lbs and with Skinny Fiber I know I will reach that goal. Here’s to healthy living!!!
March 7, 2014 Update:
I have stayed pretty loyal to Skinny Fiber with the of course usual slip ups. To date in my weight loss journey I have lost a total of 97 lbs of which 54 lbs were dropped with the help of Skinny Fiber. I am feeling absolutely wonderful. I have a goal set for an additional 32 lbs. When I reach my goal, and I know I will, I will be at my high school senior year weight, Wow!!!


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