Ashley loves her Skinny Fiber. It’s done so much for her.
“Well what do you know.. I went to the Dr today and I finally got out from under the weight I was stuck at for only god knows how long… I was at an ugly 230 then 226 then today I’m at 219… Yeah I know it’s not much but hey it’s better than where I was and a start to where I want to be.. Oh yeah go me! Lol… Only… 44 more pounds to go…
I went from size 20 to a loose loose 18.. And countless inches lost first thing I lost. Gone was my top rack n bottom rack of course always first things to go.. Lol
I didn’t really change the way I ate. It does curb your appetite for you though so if you love the junk foods and sodas it’ll get you to stop eating them. Even now not being on Skinny Fiber we don’t eat them or drink them often and we didn’t do much exercising maybe walking a lil if any…
I also noticed when I started taking it my seizures weren’t acting up as bad. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it but you never know it may of. I had tons of energy taking it too. Like insanely a lot. And not wanting any candy but having it in the house felt great! Normally we’d buy it and it wouldn’t make it home with it. It’d barely make it out of the parking lot.”

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