Julie! Go Aussie Go!


These are my 90 day challenge testimonial pictures says Julie…
Not an easy thing to do but I would like to show you all that I am a product of the product. Yes SkinnyFiber works!
Skinny Fiber is the only product that has successfully helped me lose weight during menopause..I am still a work in progress, but I am still steadily losing my stubborn fat.
I had a massive heart attack in April 2013 and I am lucky to be here to share my story with you. My Cardio doctor told me to lose weight..easy for him to say..and I tried..I bought all sorts of weight loss products and didn’t lose anything and gave up in frustration.
Then I found Terry and Skinny Fiber on Facebook New Years Eve 2013.
My husband and I both started using it 12th January 2014 and he lost 4kgs in his first 10 days, MEN!!
It took my body a little longer before I could see or feel any change, but sure enough slowly slowly my fat began to melt.
I love Skinny Fiber – I am never hungry, shaky or anxious – no side effects because it is made with pure natural ingredients and this is why I can use Skinny Fiber and safely take my daily heart medications.
Other than losing weight I have also noticed I don’t have the nagging hip pain I have suffered from in my last few years..I am staying on Skinny Fiber even after I have reached my goal weight because it just make me feel so good!

Get started on your 90 Day Challenge! >>> http://www.healthychoiceswithlj.com


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