Janna …. Skinny Fiber is helping her with PCOS


My name is Janna, I’m 32 years old, and I began my weight loss journey in January of 2012. I was over 300lbs, a size 22/24, and miserable. Depressed and feeling horrible physically, something finally clicked. I had tried to lose weight in the past, but failed many times over. I have PCOSand could work my butt off for months and not lose a single pound or inch. Not to mention everything I have tried out there to help and nothing. That’s when I came across an all natural product called Skinny Fiber. I was extremely skeptical and I didn’t want to spend the money, but with the 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee I thought maybe I’d give it go.

I received my bottle and it sat in my cupboard for a week before I started to take it. I had already been making a solid effort to watch my carbs and sugar and had started working out yet again, but nothing was happening. I started the Skinny Fiber and after about 2 1/2 weeks I could get my wedding rings back on! I cried tears of joy and knew that this was it. That it was FINALLY going to happen for me this time. After 4 weeks, I was down 12lbs and a whole pants size!! After 11 months, 70lbs and I was fitting into a 14/16.

Starting in January of 2013 I had a lot of things happen in my life that hindered my efforts. I had surgery on my bladder, injured my back shortly after I was cleared to exercise, my son was hospitalized with pneumonia, we started building a house, we moved into our new house, and the list goes on.

I had not been making a conscious effort to lose weight for quite some time. But, I have been able to maintain within 5-10lbs for months now and all my clothes still fit. That is saying something. Being that’s I’ve maintained for nearly a year, once I get the last 60-70lbs off, whose to say I can’t maintain for a lifetime??? With the help of Skinny Fiber, I KNOW I’ll get to my goal! I’ve been back on track since Thanksgiving and I’ve already lost another 30lbs!.

You can order Skinny Fiber here >>> http://www.healthychoiceswithlj.com


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