Joni… Relief from Fibromyalgia after taking Skinny Fiber!


This is long have to say felt great to share my story says Joni…

I started in October 2013 at the point where nothing was working. I was on 8 medications per day with that great side effect weight gain possible If you can think of it probably tried it only to be out money and upset for not one pound would go away. I followed Skinny Fiber posts the before and after thinking sure it works being the most skeptical person out there. Finally I was reading people who had fibromyalgia were finding relief really???? Nothing out there helps my fibro how can this help? Then I saw on GERD and migraine were being assisted again wow I have both of those on medication for them. Finally I thought ok they say 1% return on empty bottles I will show them and be a 1% return. LOL well joke is on me here I am still going strong. I am down 48 pounds and over 40 inches.

Now for the best news for me!!!! I am off my GERD medications have not taken any in over 6 months. My migraines are basically non existent. I no longer need to take the home cocktail to make them go away if one starts excerdrin works My fibromyalgia has improved no longer am I down and out for days at a time. I had days where I would get my boys off to school and go back to bed only to wake up before they arrived back home to do homework make dinner and call it a night. Not the life I wanted nor miss out on my son’s.

See in 2011 our life changed greatly from a serious car accident. Our day went from a great family day preparing for the first day of school the next day to a trip to hours in an ER. On our way home on a back road where speed limit is 55 all I can say is I saw this car very slowly turning left in front of us It was oh crap you knew it would not be avoided. I have no memory at all of my ambulance ride or my first 6 hours in the ER. Have learned my boys thought I died and my husband said I was in a code room where no one would give reports or up dates. This caused a set back in my life for as a Mom we are always there to help our kids this time my kids went through a harder time due to me. Today yes I know it is not my fault. I am currently working on a hip injury to hopefully have it fully healed and be done with that. I will have post concussion syndrome the rest of my life. I am learning to cope which was one reason why Skinny Fiber sparked my interest.

In 2012 my Dad lost his battle with a long term illness and my life once again was turned upside down. How do you move on with you Dad gone, how do I make sure my Mom is ok? All new roles for me. Finally a year later I thought my Dad would be so upset watching me give up on life. I needed to do something my boys need me my husband wants his wife back.

Hence how in October 2013 I began my healthy life journey. Today I am a healthier happier person. I love working on healthy choices helping others find a healthier life style.

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