Bobbi!! 40 Pounds Lost!!! That’s 18kg!! WOW


Bobbi says,

I’m excited to finally share this with all of you!

I started my journey on Skinny Fiber in June of 2013. I gained a lot of weight after my son was born in February 2012 and I tried everything to try to lose the weight but nothing was working. Thankfully, my Aunt showed me Skinny Fiber and I decided to give it a try. I am so happy I decided to try it. My starting weight was 170 pounds in June. I am now down to 130 pounds. I lost 40 pounds in 7 months without exercising and I haven’t really changed how I eat, I just eat smaller portions. I honestly can’t believe how easy it has been!

☆Skinny Fiber, is an all natural weight loss supplement capsule without any stimulants! Helps you eat less and feel full, flush away toxins, melt belly fat and more! ☆

Buy your Skinny Fiber here:


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