Monica ~ Size 24 to a size 18 so far!

Way to go!!! Monica shares:

“Losing the weight in a safe natural way, has really been real for me… I’ve got tears in my eyes … I can see the difference, but most importantly I can feel it … this is what 90 Days of dedication (just taking SKINNY FIBER) looks like. Wow!!! 18.2 pounds and I still haven’t measured myself…but the capris I wore in the first pic don’t fit and they sure don’t look cute on me a…ll saggy so I stopped wearing them…I’m happy with my results … Actually I love it!!! From a size 22 TIGHT to an 18 … well actually a 24 to an 18 and 9 inches off my waist (just measured).
This for me was actually a test to see if by not changing anything and just taking SKINNY FIBER what would result of it and WHALA!!! It really does work…so tomorrow I start my next 90 DAY CHALLENGE…who’s with me…doing it different this time…I’m incorporating some exercise in and gonna use the ATKINS DIET… just want faster and more noticeable results this next time around…
I’ve been a big girl all my life and I love myself but in all honesty I need to be healthier for my kids and myself, but never tried anything -ANYTHING- before now, and I’m glad I did…SKINNY FIBER you can’t go wrong…you’ll have your doubts, ups and downs, but stick with it and make it yours, because like I tell all my loved ones: “It took you time and dedication to gain weight and now it’s going to take time and determination to lose it. If you want it bad enough, make it happen for you. How bad do you want it??”

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