Justina ~ 23kg lost so far!!!! Loving her Skinny Fiber!!!

Justina tells her Skinny Fiber story ::
“ I have been reluctant to post this because it is an “In Progress” photo rather than an “After” photo. But I also feel like I want to shout from the rooftops that Skinny Fiber is in the process of changing my life for the better, and if you are overweight, I know it can change your life for the better too!!!
A year ago I was losing the ability to walk because my weight was at an all time high and had been for over a year which caused a lot of pain in my legs. At the end of February last year I was looking forward to our summer vacation and suddenly realized that if I was still having a hard time walking in June, I wasn’t going to enjoy the vacation. With that motivation I started exercising, a LOT, and I tried to make better food choices. I lost 25 pounds. Because I weighed less I was able to walk almost normally, hike a bit and canoe on our vacation. It was great! Then I got home and started to put the weight back on as I normally do after a diet. I no longer had my big motivation, and my hope of ever losing my excess weight was waning fast.
Then I discovered Skinny Fiber. Not only did I stop gaining the weight back, I lost another 13 pounds in the first 90 days without exercising much nor making disciplined food choices. I know it isn’t all that impressive to lose 13 pounds in 90 days, but without Skinny Fiber I would have easily gained 13 pounds instead of losing it in that same time frame.
Since the end of my first 90 day challenge I have had two deaths in my family, a difficult back injury, the holiday season with all its delicious food, and huge emotional stresses all of which would equal big time weight gain for me in the past, BUT Skinny Fiber has kept my weight down! In fact, I have lost another 13 pounds for a total loss of 26 pounds in my 8 months on Skinny Fiber!!! I’m now 50 pounds lighter than I was a year ago!!!
I Love Skinny Fiber! I KNOW Skinny Fiber is a fantastic weight loss tool that works, and with it I am going to lose a lot more weight!! Please, please join me on the journey! You and your body deserve to be free of that excess weight!! If you have been thinking about trying Skinny Fiber, stop hesitating and start your journey to better health and summer fun today! “
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