Alicia ~ YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!

“Here is my story!!
My name is Alicia and before skinny fiber I gained a lot of weight having three kids. I was really in denial about just how big I was when I had a picture taken with my girls and took a look at myself…..WOW! I had liked this post about skinny fiber and had been paying attention to the testimonies of those that were on it. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try it. Well my first month I lost a few pounds and some inches, then at my 90 days I had lost 21lbs. and 17 inches. I just kept right on going right into my next 90 day challenge and I have now lost 47lbs. I know people will say all you need to do is eat healthy and exercise, but I am going to be honest I had looked to food for comfort. While on skinny fiber I have not exercised, unless you count the five times I went to the gym! I do keep track of the amount of food I eat, but I eat what I want most of the time…and guess what I am still losing. This product is real and it does work! I plan on continuing my journey with skinny fiber for life! I love this product!!!
This was one of the most difficult things I did, putting my picture up for all to see. I did it because I want people to see that Skinny Fiber truly works!! Look at the pic and you can see the proof!
Order your skinny fiber here:
You will love it— To Join the company there is a $10 one-time registration fee -added to your first order to make commissions– –you get $8 check the first week for doing nothing—– the only requirement is 1 bottle on auto ship or placed manually each month by the last day to be eligible to earn commissions—
It is an awesome company and my family and I have never been healthier– it is amazing and fun and you earn while losing weight and helping others to do the same!
You make a Fast Start bonus on each new customer or distributor that orders from your website— provided free from the company — actually 8 or more free websites!!
$25 for 1 bottle on any new customer–
$50 for a new customer ordering 2+1 free and
$75 when a new customer order 3+3.
$100 when the 5+ 5 free is ordered
$200 when the 10+ 10 is ordered!!!
That is just the beginning— then there are bonuses and matching earnings also.

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