Marsha ~ 33.5kg loss in 6 months!!!!

What a difference!!! Way to go!!!
Meet Marsha, she says….
This is me Marsha after my Second 90 day Challenge!!
I’m super excited because I broke 300 lbs!! Got on the scale this AM and I am down to 297 lbs!!!!! That’s a total loss of 74 lbs in 6 months!!! I had to step on the scale 3 times to make sure it was right! Lmao now on to my next 90 day Challenge and see where this one takes me! I can not wait! First 90 days I lost 45 lbs Second 90 days 29 lbs! I have to honestly say I couldn’t of done it without Skinny Fiber! Especially not 74 lbs in 6 months and the fact I couldn’t even move let a lone exercise! I never even imagined 74lbs on skinny fiber I was a little skeptical but glad I gave it a chance!!
Since taking it I’m down from 8 pills to 2, no more IBS, no more headaches, my legs don’t swell up nearly as bad only if I have too much salt. I’ve learned salt causes it so I stay as clear away as possible! NO more pain from my arthritis that caused me not to be able to get around! It has helped me with more than weight loss it has given me my life back! 
♡Skinny Fiber♡
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