Brenda ~ Losing some serious inches!

Brenda’s Update!! You look amazing!!! Order your Skinny Fiber here today — go here to order–
Hi my name is Brenda, I was given the diagnosis of diabetes, high cholesterol and ooooh the hot flashes! I was told because of my BMI (Body Mass Index) being over 30, that I was considered obese. Imagine my shock. Originally, I weighed in about 187 lbs. and was experiencing being very tired all the time.
In October 2013, I went to my doctors office for a check up because was experiencing chest pains here and there. I really didn’t think I was experiencing a heart attack or anything. But I need to be checked. My doctor performed a EKG. And when the test was complete, the nurse left the room and came back with the doctor. I was ask on what scale was my chest pain? Before I knew it, they were putting nitro glycerin under my tongue. Before I left the medical office, they had given about 3! The firemen came and questioned me; next thing I know I was in a ambulance being rushed to the ER. They were concerned about possible valve blockage in my heart. I was even admitted.
Needless to say, that was a wake up call for me. I have (6) beautiful grandchildren I want to see grow up. I was on Facebook one day and saw this post for Skinny Fiber! Like most people I was skeptical. So I watched this Coach talking to people about it. Finally I started asking question, and decided to try it.
I started taking Skinny Fiber on January 7, 2014, and to date, I have lost some serious inches from my waist. I didn’t tell my husband about it because I wanted to see if he saw any difference. He did and asked me what was going on and told me I looked thinner!
Well, of course, he wanted some. Luckily, because I had seen all these testimonies and great results, I was confident Skinny Fiber would work for me. So, I purchased the buy 3, get 3 free. And I gave my husband(3) and I had (3). Now we each had our own 90 day challenge.
The first (3) weeks he lost about 4 lbs….


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