My Personal Update! 10 kg and 63 cm lost with Skinny Fiber!

Here is my latest update!
Since I turned 40 I am more determined than EVER to keep my healthy lifestyle going… Working in Aged Care can do this to a person, especially when you see people suffering from Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and the list goes on! I used to say to myself, I’ll start tomorrow.. or one more bit of chicken snitzel won’t hurt me, I’ll burn that off tomorrow.. it was always tomorrow! One day I looked in the mirror and thought NO MORE…. I didn’t even see the weight creeping on, it was like all of a sudden it was just there overnight. Being honest with myself I knew it wasn’t overnight! It was the fact I got lazy, kept telling myself I didn’t have time for exercise when in actual fact I just didn’t make time.. excuse after excuse, any excuse would do. I definitely had no self control over food either and I HATE to have to admit that to myself let alone anyone else! There were 3 real triggers to get me off my arse and get motivated…
1. Seeing a photo of myself on holidays at my sisters last year, proof of how much weight I had gained… the camera does not lie. I felt disgusted with myself for “letting myself go”
2. Feeling tired, sluggish, unmotivated, restless sleep patterns and having no energy!
3. Feeling like I had lost confidence in myself.
I decided when I got home from the holiday NO MORE! I had been talking to a friend for months about Skinny Fiber and thought nah diet pills are not for me, I then realised what have I got to lose, there is a money back guarantee. I still took a lot of convincing! What I have learnt since then is that Skinny Fiber is not just a weight loss pill. The health benefits for me have been amazing, better than any multi-vitamin I have ever taken that is for sure.
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