Tori ~ Size 16 to an 11/12.. WOW!

Meet Torri . . .
“Hello Everyone! This is actually me! I started my skinny Fiber journey on Jan 4 2013 after I saw a picture of myself taken by a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I was mortified. I was 202 lbs and realized at that moment it was time to stop this nonsense and get back to my healthy self! I am 43 years old and was on anxiety meds, depressed and my marriage was suffering. I also was beginning with high blood pressure, back pain among female issues. I was about to have a hysterectomy they were so bad! My friend had asked me to try skinny fiber back in October to try and help me with my weight issue but probably like you I read all the testimonies and read. I was like “NO WAY’ I resisted purchasing it because I have tried everything I could and nothing helped or either the weight came right back. I cannot take “diet” pills because of a heart issue and I was sure it would not work. I then saw “THE FAT PIC” ! Although I still was skeptical, Skinny Fiber has a 30 day (empty bottle) money back guarantee. I was like well if it doesn;t work then I have lost nothing. I have never looked back and needless to say I have lost a total of 30 lbs plus….I am down from 202 to 168. I am down from a size 16 to a 11/12- My inch loss is phenominal! I noticed after about three weeks of taking skinny Fiber my tummy was shrinking and I could wear clothes I had not worn in years. Skinny Fiber is a natural steady loss and stopped my sugar cravings, I did not over eat anymore. I noticed a difference in our grocery bill immediately. I didn;t buy the junk, I didn;t grab McDonalds. I am also no longer on my anxiety meds. My husband started taking it with me when he saw me dropping and not craving. He is now down from a 40 – to a 36. His cholesterol is down 32 points! With no help from meds. It was amazing! I feel better, I sleep better, I have no female issues anymore and am just a healthier person all around. I walk, cut out the sodas, and watch my bread intake. Thats it! I can vouch that skinny fiber HAS worked for me!”
☆Skinny Fiber, is an all natural weight loss supplement capsule without any stimulants! Helps you eat less and feel full, flush away toxins, melt belly fat and more! ☆
Buy your Skinny Fiber here: 
*This product is not intended to treat any diagnosed disease, the above story is personal to this person, your results may vary*

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