~ Kim ~

This is the beautiful Kim:
“I remember going to the doctor and when I stepped on the scale I just about died at the number I saw… I have NEVER weighed that much in my lifetime… So after that doctor appointment I decided I was going to diet… Yes, that word… “Diet”… I cut back on what I ate… I was hungry ALL OF THE TIME during this phase… In a couple months I had lost about 7 pounds… Not much for having been hungry all of the time… Then guess what… It started creeping back on… So, I started again… I succeeded in losing about 12 pounds, total… And yes… I was hungry all of the time… I felt like I was missing some of my favorite foods…
And guess what happened when the contest was over… Yep, you guessed it… I started putting weight back on again… And do you know what happens when pounds start creeping back? They bring FRIENDS… Mind you, during this whole time I had been following posts about Skinny Fiber… I had asked questions… I thought about trying it and never did… Finally, one night my husband and I decided that we were going to give a go… Once we got our Skinny Fiber we started taking it immediately… and we didn’t do much of anything else but cut out calorie filled beverages and switched up to drinking more water… but guess what?
I wasn’t hungry all of the time… I found I was eating less… I could feel my clothes getting more loose and loose… So here I am today… much lighter than that doctor’s visit last time and many inches smaller overall… and you know what I say to myself all of the time? Why didn’t I just start Skinny Fiber when I saw it first… My doctor has noticed the “shrinking me” and I told her about Skinny Fiber and even gave her a list of ingredients… She gave me the A-Okay to continue and even jotted down the ingredients to research for her own self…
I feel healthier, my skin is clearer, I no longer suffer joint pain and inflammation on a daily basis, NOT A MIGRAINE SINCE STARTING… Since this is an All-natural product I have had NO side effects… No jitters or sick feeling… and guess what else? I don’t count calories, points, do wraps, drink shakes, and all of the craziness involved in a “diet” program… I simply eat the foods I love, just less of them… and I make a concerted effort to drink water, water and more water…I don’t weigh myself any longer, but I still have a few more inches to lose… but I want to retain that curvy womanly body that my husband loves…”
Order your Skinny Fiber here! 

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