Amanda ~ 4 pants sizes down!

This is Amanda. 
Look at her amazing journey on Skinny Fiber You look fabulous girlfriend!!!!!
“The other day I went into the restroom at BWW and caught a glimpse of myself in their full length mirror….I can’t believe how different I look!!!! So of course I had to take a pic lol…On my journey so far I have lost 36 lbs and so many inches!!!! I have dropped a total of 4 pants sizes and 3 shirt sizes!!!!! I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m on my way!!!!!
Eat less and Feel Full
Melt away stubborn fat
Flush away toxins
Have more energy….
You have nothing to lose but weight!!! Whether you have 5 kg to lose or 20 kg to lose, 
give Skinny Fiber a try. 30 day Money back empty bottle guarantee if you are not satisfied.
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humour, inspiration and motivation?? ~ invite your friends who love recipes too! —>>>


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