Eldorado ~ Skinny Fiber is not just for the ladies!

Skinny Fiber is NOT just for women! Here is Eldorado !!
“My name is Eldorado. For those that don’t know, Skinny Body Care has changed my life. Not only financially, but I am the healthiest I have been since I was in middle school. In July, 2012, I came across Sue’s page on Facebook and after about a week or so, I noticed that she kept putting pictures on her page of people who lost …weight by taking something called Skinny Fiber. Because I have an abnormal heart, I didn’t think Skinny Fiber would be for me. A week later, I noticed that someone who was 278 pounds lost over 75 pounds on this product. That hit home because I was 278 at the time. To make a long story short, I decided to give Skinny Fiber a try. In the first month, I lost 17 pounds. Entering August, I was at 261. By the end of August, I was 249 pounds. I didn’t do much except drink more water, cut my carbohydrates and eat more fruit. I was still able to eat my favorite foods, but I didn’t consume as much as I used to. By the middle of March, I was at 227 pounds. I went from wearing a 3 / 4X shirt to an XL / L. I went from a size 52 jacket, to a size 46. I went from a size 42 waist, to a 36 waist and currently, I am wearing all of those sizes. I go a personal trainer and I gained 10 pounds of muscle. I now weigh 236 and I am still taking Skinny Fiber. It totally changed my life and the lives of hundreds around me. I love Skinny Fiber!”
══════ ☆ GET STARTED ON YOUR 90 DAY CHALLENGE!! ☆ ══════ 
And don’t forget to take advantage of the incredible free online support system and the online weight tracker you get with your Skinny Fiber order!!! All this for just $1 – $2 per day based on how you order! 
Order your Skinny Fiber here! 


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