Becky ~ 9kg & 46 cm lost on her 90 Day Challenge!

Here I am – me, Becky, on day 90. I am thrilled with my Skinny Fiber results! Minus 20 pounds and 18 gone!
What I changed: I swapped water for soda (pop here in Michigan). I tried to choose more wholesome foods for myself. I used my treadmill off and on (mostly off but I’m working on that). Most importantly, I took my Skinny Fiber consistently (2 supplements 30 minutes before my two largest meals with at least 16 ounces of water daily).
What changed in me: I lost pounds and inches. My cholesterol went down to a normal range (finally). My fasting blood sugar also went down to a normal range. I am no longer worried about being pre-diabetic. My knee pain is greatly reduced. I can walk faster than I have in years. (At the beginning of January I was using a cane!) I stopped craving sugary foods and junk food. Did I mention I lost 20 pounds and 18 inches? My clothes are so loose! Friends are telling me that I need to go clothes shopping! 
Surprises: I DON’T miss Diet Pepsi! And when I eat, I get full so much more quickly. I no longer go back for second helpings. I have been able to stay on the Skinny Fiber plan for three months – it’s so easy! I feel better than ever! I signed up to do a 5K – first time EVER! 
I really am pleased with the changes in me. I am so glad I found Skinny Fiber. My plan now is to continue with Skinny Fiber. I will be starting another 90 Day Challenge and will be posting my results.
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