Jasmine ~ Looking fabulous!

Jasmine just sent in this update! LOVE it!
New workout room, new side by side — always a working progress! This year’s goal is to build muscle and get that damn six pack! I barely remember that girl on the left anymore….people ask me these questions daily.
1. Why do you workout if you lost weight? Well because I have so much more incredible energy, the workouts invigorates me, makes me feel super strong and like I’m rewarding my body and treating it well. Plus I lost a bunch of weight with skinny fiber, but that’s not going to tone me up! Weights and cross training does!
2. Do I still take Skinny Fiber? YES, absolutely, every single day! Why? Because I don’t have crazy cravings, and I can eat anything without going overboard. I eat real foods, every day, but I do try to keep it on the lower carb spectrum. I love that my hair and eyelashes are no longer falling out, my nails are strong, and I sleep so much sounder at night! No ambien in over a year!
3. Does Skinny Fiber really work? Well, I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. I did low carb (atkins, south beach), did workout even more than I do now, counted calories, tried slim fast, dexatrim, sensa, hcg, ketomist, Alli, and even contemplated getting wrapped before I came to my senses…wrap fat away? Seriously? No! Did Skinny Fiber work right away? Heck NO! I had a bunch of detoxing that had to be done first, like a month worth. I made minor tweaks along the way (quit diet soda, drank a bunch more water, ate MORE, but smaller and frequently through the day). But each small step I made, including working out smarter, not harder or longer, made a difference. Not overnight — heck I didn’t gain all this post-baby weight overnight! This was a lifetime of poor eating, overeating, too much carbs and garbage to think it was going to come right off. Also, I’m asian! Rice was my staple almost through my entire life (all carbs!!) I’m also a ridiculous slow loser.
That’s as real as it gets! If I can get to where I was to where I am now, anybody can!
UMMMMMM WHY are you NOT using Skinny Fiber???
Get your Skinny on! 100% natural! NO Dieting! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO counting calories!! 


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