Kathie! WOW! 22.7 kg and 119.5cm GONE!

This is one of the most difficult things I have ever done… 
My name is Kathie Halstead, this is my ongoing journey to becoming Healthy
I just want to tell everyone what a great product Skinny Fiber is, and if you are serious about losing inches, weight and getting healthy, are willing to do your part, Skinny Fiber WORKS with you to get you to your goals!…
Like a lot of others, I didn’t think Skinny Fiber would work for me, even though I had seen so many pictures of those it did work for. I did not take a “before picture” and so wish I had! I have lost 22.7kg/50 pounds and 119.5cm/47 inches!!! I don’t weigh myself too often, so I was shocked with the weight loss! My clothes are getting too big, and I am starting to have to scramble for things to wear that won’t fall down, (I am NOT complaining!) LOL I have tried about everything you can imagine to help me lose weight, and even got to the point of “this is me, I will always be like this”
I am so glad I decided to “try one more thing!” I know this time I will be able to lose weight, inches and get to a healthier place. I already feel so much better, I sleep better, have energy, even my mood is happier!
Curious about Skinny Fiber? Learn more here: 
ೋღღೋ ೋღღೋ ೋღღೋ ೋღღೋೋღღೋ 
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