Lori ~ looking amazing!

Update from Lori!
SF has changed my life in the last year. I have lost over 65 pounds and feel so much better. I use the product on a daily basis again as, I had stopped taking for 3 months but, never regained any weight. In March 2013 I knew I needed to make a change after a high BP and heart rate scare landed me in the hospital at 36 years old and 100 pounds over weight and found out I had elevated cholesterol levels. I was a Mountain Dew addict. Yes, I say addict because I lived on 2 (2) liters a day. After I got home I was on FB and saw an ad for a group about SF. I checked it out and decided after a couple days to order, figuring I would just be wasting $$ yet again with no results. BOY, was I wrong. I took SF as directed everyday and increased my water intake until about 1 month later when I became Mountain Dew free. 1st time in over 15 yrs. I also used myfitnesspal.com to track calories, water intake, and calories burned. I started walking at a local park and little by little the pounds and inches came off. I am so glad I saw that ad that day !!!! Never really believed it would work. I need to do an after pic for you all but, I am still a work in progress as I have 30 more pounds to go. So, I am doing this with all of you who have decided to give it a try as well. The rest of you need to jump off the fence and get on board with us and make your dreams come true with weight loss. Any questions, just ask. Oh by the way, my BP, heart rate, and cholesterol are normal again.
ೋღღೋ ೋღღೋ ೋღღೋ ೋღღೋೋღღೋ
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