Angie!! You look FAB!

Look at Angie!!!!
I am a mother of 2 sets of twins. I have always struggled with my weight and getting rid of my baby belly. When you are barely over 5 feet tall and you have twins, twice, it really wrecks your figure. Even more so when you get over 200 pounds while pregnant with them! (212 to be exact!)
After countless failed attempts to get the flab off, I did the old fashioned thing. I ate very clean and I exercised 5 days a week, for 2 to 3 hours every day and I ran 5k (3 miles) every morning. I got injured in a fitness class and was unable to exercise for over 18 months. And I gained 50 pounds in the process.
I am so thankful for finding Skinny Fiber! Not only did it get the weight off, it made my hair grow thicker, my nails grow faster, and it got rid of my cravings for carbs. And it helped me stop my emotional eating habits. I have no cravings for sugar anymore either. In fact, the smell of it makes me sick! And it helped drink more water as I actually craved it. I had chronic pain from endometriosis which I noticed is pretty much gone.
Here is my updated progress photo! It works! It really works! I didn’t exercise. I just drank my water (4-6 20oz bottles daily) and ate normal food. Not fast food or junk, but real food. Skinny Fiber is amazing! I am proof!
You will love it! Curious about Skinny Fiber? Learn more here here:
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