Dona’s Update! 21 kg and 137 cm gone in 6 months!

Donna’s Update!! Order your Skinny Fiber here –>>
Here it is! My 6 month update! 
As they say…the pics do not lie! 47 pounds gone!!! Down 3 sizes and back into my comfy jeans!! To say that I am super happy would be an understatement, because I am totally stoked that I am finally under 300 lbs again!! It has been at least 15 years since I last seen the …scale read under 300 lbs. I know that I am not where I want or need to be yet, but I am still happy with this progress! And I am starting to see my female curves return. Could I have lost more if I had eaten healthier or exercised in these past 6 months? Definitely! But I am proof that Skinny Fiber still works without changing what you eat or exercising. Seriously the only thing that I changed was how much I ate. And I didn’t even do that on purpose! Skinny Fiber did it! It keeps me full so I dont eat the large amounts I was used to. Now I can only eat half the amount. And let me tell you… not only has it been better for my health, but it has also been better for my wallet at the grocery store, LOL! But seriously… I now save about $80 a month on groceries! And I do plan on starting to exercise now that the warmer weather is returning, just because I need to. Everyone of us that are physically able should be exercising. But I like to think I am allergic to it, LOL!
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