Becky….6 week update!

Becky’s update!! 
Hi everyone! Here’s my first “Before and After” picture. I’m halfway through my 90 day challenge and as I’ve stated in the picture. I’ve lost 12 pounds and 12.5 inches!
But that’s not all that’s happened to me in 45 days….here’s the rest of the story: my total cholesterol went from 206 to 194, my fasting blo…od sugar went from 112 to 97, my osteoarthritis pain in my knees has improved greatly – so much that I have signed up for a 5k this summer. I haven’t exercised (yet) but plan to start training for my 5k on my treadmill this weekend. I will be staring out slowly.
I’m eating more low carb/high protein, but not restricting myself from a treat every now and then. I do try to choose healthy snacks, usually fruit. I have stopped drinking pop and I don’t even miss it. I drink about 120 ounces of water daily and like it! Sometimes I add fruit slices to my water, but often it’s just good ol’ water.
The most important change is that I’m taking Skinny Fiber everyday – 2 capsules half an hour before lunch and the same before dinner. Friends, I’m telling you, Skinny Fiber REALLY does work – just look what I’ve been able to do in 45 days! Best of all, I feel great! – Becky
Are you ready to get healthier and feel better? A little commitment and Skinny Fiber is all you’ll need.
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