Jackie! 1 Month on Skinny Fiber… looking amazing!

And they say Skinny Fiber doesn’t work! Pictures don’t lie! The picture on the left is when I went to North Carolina for the Skinny Fiber Event.
They say pictures don’t lie…Well ain’t that the truth! I was getting a little discouraged because I, of course, wasn’t seeing results fast enough… So I decided to go back and look at pictures and I was amazed! In only a month and half look at the difference! We look at each other every single day in the mirror so we really don’t notice it… I decided to go through my pictures because now my clothes are fitting a lot bigger on me and decided to share with everyone my journey to better health. I post it to hold myself accountable…This goes to show that working out 25 minutes a day, (everyone has 25 minutes!), eating healthier, drinking lots of water and staying committed shows results! We all have busy lives and can easily fall off track of staying consistent, God knows I have, I’m not perfect…but we have to commit to ourselves and be an example for our children… We must love ourselves first….as they say “put on your oxygen mask on first, before we help others”. So It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert at working out or eating healthy, my first day of working out I was only able to do 5 min! And I cried… did I want to give up? Yes! but I said to myself, if I can do 5 today, I can do 10 tomorrow… it get’s easier each day. I would never have been able to go through this journey alone without the help and support of my wonderful team! Love you guys!
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