Sylvia.. going great guns on Skinny Fiber!

Syliva!! Way to go!!
So…. finally here’s a real update on my progress — tank top and all! Ha! The first set of pictures was taken in July of last year when I first started. I had ordered Skinny Fiber because I had heard so many good reports about it! I tried it — for two weeks very little happened but THEN I started losing a pound a day for two weeks — my weight loss slowed down some after that but I have consistently stuck with my Skinny Fiber, dran…k lots of water and have eaten healthy — (I DO splurge lots of times and don’t feel guilty!) That’s the only way it will work! I am NOW down 34-35 pounds and I’m off all of my blood pressure medication! YAY! I January I went to visit my family in South Florida and I really fell off the wagon with my mom’s great cooking and I did gain a little but now I’m back on track, keeping up with my progress. I just recently joined Curves so hopefully I can tone some muscles and lose that muffin top you see peeping out of my jeans! p.s. I don’t wear tank tops around normally but knew that was the only way you can really see the progress. Be thankful I didn’t put on my bathing suit!!! HA! I became a distributor AFTER I started Skinny Fiber — how can you NOT share such an awesome product!
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