Mattie! ~ A whopping 109cm lost so far!

My name is Mattie H. and this is my own personal journey that is still in the making. I have been on Skinny Fiber since Sept. 5, 2013 and I missed one month and was so sorry I did. 
At the time I did not realize that the Skinny Fiber was helping with my Fibromyalgia pain nor did I realize it was helping my Psoriasis to stay calm and not be so inflamed, but when I missed that one month I found out how truly wonderful Skinny Fiber is at helping these things and I probably would not have noticed it as much had I not missed that one month. 
I was in a heart study and was kicked out because my cholesterol dropped from 219 to 83. My sugar dropped from about 145 to 105, my doctor was so proud of the way I was changing and how much happier I seemed and she told me to keep doing what I was doing and she asked me what it was that was helping me so much. 
I told her all about using the Skinny Fiber and she told me that she had done some research on it and that she knew it was a good product and to continue to take it if at all possible. I have heart problems and Lung problems and Skinny Fiber has no stimulants in it so I have been able to take it on a daily basis with permission from my Cardiologist and Pulmonologist.
I am getting better everyday and have been able to come off of some of my meds and that really means a lot to me because I was on about 20-25 meds a day and it really was getting old and I hated taking all of these meds. I love my Skinny Fiber and will be on it for life. I am becoming a product of the product want you join me on my journey to becoming a healthier, happier, me. I have taken Skinny Fiber for 5 months and have lost 43 pounds and 43 inches. I am very proud of my success so far and it will continue.
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