Amy you are a SUPERSTAR!

Amy… There are Not ENOUGH words for me to say HOW PROUD I am of YOU….
Here’s what Amy had to say in her own words….
I want to take the time to let you know why i love skinny fiber and would recommend it to everyone. before i started skinny fiber the docs had me going threw the steps to get the gbp surgery i didn’t want to do it.. i was sick all the time my blood levels was so off i had to see the blood doc a lot… i felt if i went in to that surgery that i wouldn’t come out.. i have 4 kids and i just couldn’t see putting them or any of my loved ones threw that. my youngest daughter keep telling me i needed to do facebook, i keep telling her no i didn’t want any thing to do with it then after her telling me over and over and over for months i finely did it just cause i wanted her to stop being a pest about it. i was glad that she didn’t stop cause i found friends i haven’t talked for A LOT of years that was awesome but then i stopped using facebook because i hated all the foul language that kept popping up all over my time line. but before i did that there had been post from a lady about skinny fiber after i stopped using all i could think about was skinny fiber and what if i just tried it but then i take a chance of it not working and i really didn’t have the money waist if it didn’t work. i keep coming on and off of facebook just so i could see her post, and the more i seen how it was helping sooooo many people (i did this for months) and how i couldn’t just stay away from what i was watching i talked to josh and i told him that this something i have to do i felt that it was what was going to keep me out of surgery and it couldn’t make me feel any worst then i was already so we got it and with in 2 weeks yes 2 weeks of taking it i realized i wasn’t hurting like i had been for soooo long i had more energy then i had in years i was happy (but never put it all together for like another week) i was just so happy that i was feeling so good i had to get a hold of Holly . if it wasn’t for her post that keep coming up i really don’t know where i would be today, if you asked me today do i feel like skinny fiber has saved me yes i do. i have my life back and i love it. i didn’t care if i never lost a pound as long as i could feel the way i am feeling. i haven’t lost a lot like a
lot of people have but i am loosing it and i know as long as i don’t give up i will get there all the way and i hope you are all still with me in the end. then you will see. even after i no longer need skinny fiber for weight loss i will always take it. it has helped me so much in so many ways before i lost a pound. i choose to sale skinny fiber so i could help people get there lives back as i did . no its not a magic pill it is a weight loss supplement and it works on you from the inside out (that’s why we ask you do take the 90 day challenge so it has time to really get in there and start to work) and its all natural so it wont hurt you….. If i didn’t know it would work i promise i would not be trying to sell it to you. y’all i’m not that kind of person. i only want to help you all the way i was helped. and with in time i believe you wall all come to trust me and open up and when that day comes ill still be here for you all… again i’m sorry this is so long but thank you for taking the time to read it and know a little more about me….
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