Susan’s Success Story!

12.1.2013…Today I finished my first Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge. My official loss was 22 pounds! It had been slightly more but I had a little gain with Thanksgiving. I never thought about my end date being 3 days after a major eating extravaganza when I started. Oh well, live and learn! I was the most excited about my inches lost…just a few to give you an idea… 4 ¾” in both my waist and my hips, 3” in my chest and 3 ¼” in my left thigh!! The loss in the thigh… pretty well…blew my mind!!! I’m not finished yet; I have about 40 pounds more to go.

I was already working out and eating right when I started Skinny Fiber. I’ve always had a sluggish metabolism and have struggled to lose weight. I started this current fight 2 ½ years ago. In all that time I had been doing 3-4 miles a day and lifting light weights…5 days a week. I also eat pretty clean with very little processed food. In those 2 ½ years I had only managed to lose 12 pounds. Pretty unbelievable, isn’t it!?!
Skinny Fiber has made these last 3 month some of the easiest weight loss months in my life!!! It fills me up so I’m not hungry at night…my toughest time of the day; it has killed ALL my sweet cravings and has given me a ton of energy all without making me feel jittery.
Most importantly, it has boosted my metabolism!!! Remember I changed nothing about my eating all I did was add in 2 Skinny Fiber capsules twice a day…THAT’S IT!! My metabolism is so slow that my stomach hardly ever growls because it’s hungry. In the past 30 years, I’ve eaten when the clock has told me to not because I felt like I had to. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve actually starting getting hungry signals again!! I find that simply AMAZING!
Another interesting health side effect is that my allergies seem to have completely gone away! I have been on prescription allergy meds for the last 20 years. I have to take them 365 days a year because they never get better and it doesn’t seem to matter what area of the country I’m in I seem to be allergic to something everywhere I go! Without it I have ear aches, sore throats and drainage so bad that I have choking fits when I lay down at night. I’ve been completely off my allergy med for about 3 weeks and haven’t had a single cough at night!!! That may EVEN be BETTER THAN the WEIGHT LOSS, in my opinion!!!
I’m 100% sold on Skinny Fiber and just can’t stop raving about it! To the point that one of my friends posted on Thanksgiving that I was the friend that wouldn’t shut up about how THANKFUL I am! That pretty well sums it up…I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I FOUND SKINNY FIBER!!!

Start your journey today!

ღϠ₡ღ✻✿~~Making a difference, One KG at a time~~✿✻ღϠ₡ღ✻


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