Jackie ~ Incredible Story!

~ Jackie Trotter R ~
“I Have been a very brittle Type 1 Diabetic 23ys been in a couple coma’s, had a really hard time the first few years being Diabetic! I also have Scoliosis which affects my lower back, I have low thyroid, was diagnosed with Mild Colitis a couple years ago & in 2000 I had a car accident which affected my neck & right shoulder & right hip. As a result of my car accident my career as a Cosmetologist ended, I had a hard time accepting not working, a torn Rotor Cuff (SP) in my right shoulder just never healed right so never really gained enough strength back to do my job. I tried Therapy for my shoulder & hip it never did help. I really never could except all that has happened to me so last fall I decided to take my health in my hands, I was so tired of getting sick so easy, tired of having no energy & tired of being in pain! I just knew there had to be a way to feel better I started researching natural remedies, supplements & read on many things. One day in late April I was just on my Face Book I seen a recipe for fish tacos, I also seen it was from a page Getting Healthy with Heather, well I had to check it out so not long after finding it I friended Heather, I asked many questions about Skinny Fiber so to make a long story shorter, I made a new friend for life & even better I tried SF & It really does work! I ordered my first bottle the end of May started it in June! My blood sugars are better then they ever have been, I didn’t measure that first month & I lost the most inches that first month. My pain is much better I will never be completely without pain since I have had the Scoliosis since a teenager there is a lot if nerve damage but I would much rather have much less pain than barely getting around at times!!! I went in knowing with my health issues it may take me longer to lose weight, I did not care because I was feeling better then I have in many years!!! Sleeping better, less pain, & from what I have been told not as moody. Lol Seriously though I am happy with my results so far & my Dr is too. In my pictures you can see my progress. SF works!” 
I recommend SF for anyone who is really serious about getting healthy & losing weight. The plant based fiber & enzymes really help get your body healthy, our digestion slows down from eating poorly, plus as we age our digestive enzymes slow down also! Plant based enzymes & fiber = A Healthy Happier You I really do feel healthier & younger thanks to SF! ~ “Type 1 Diabetics take the list of ingredients to your Dr for approval & so your Dr & Diabetic Nurse Specialist can Monitor your progress.
Buy your Skinny Fiber here: 
*This product is not intended to treat any diagnosed disease, the above story is personal to this person, your results may vary*

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