Dawnell has lost 15.5kg so far!

I am Dawnell and here is my 180 day journey using Skinny Fiber. I have always needed to lose 20-30 pounds throughout my childhood and early adulthood until I developed gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies in 1987 (gained 75 lbs) and 1995 (gained 50lbs) Then the largest amount of weight was packed on after I had an emergency hysterectomy in 2001. I had not changed my eating habits, but I was somehow still gaining. I had some bad habits of eating out a lot and drinking way to much Dr. Pepper / Pepsi. I did not let my weight hold me back and still did all the things I wanted and I was happy with “me”. But I still had that desire to shop in a store other than Lane Bryant, Cato or Fashion Bug…just to name a few. I wanted to find my size in all stores and not be stuck with just a few because of my size. My weight created some health problems. I had developed high blood pressure and was on the largest dose of blood pressure meds and a water pill. I was taking such a high dose that I had to take both morning and night. I would have severe migraines that would keep me home in bed at least a 1-3 times a month. On top of that, I had horrible tension in my neck and shoulders from an auto accident dating back to 1986 and could not remember a time that I did not feel that constant tension. I had anxiety issues and bite my nails way too far. I was starting to have some hormonal issues with hot flashes as well. I am not ready for menopause, I am only 44!! I have tried almost every diet I can think of from Jenny Craig, Nutri System, Ace, Body by Vi, Sensa, Medifast, HCG Shots and I even tried out for the biggest loser!! These are just to name a few and I am not downing any of these or other options, just a fact that I tried them and they did not work for me. Now to when I first bought Skinny Fiber, It was a few years ago. I bought the buy 2 get 1 free. I got it in the mail and read over the bottle and was skeptical and just did not think it would work…..so I mailed it back during the 30 day money back guarantee period. In May 2013, I bought a 6 pack because I had joined a support group and there were so many people in there that were having a lot of success and I had a place that was private to ask questions and so much support. I started my 180 day challenge on May 2013 and ended in November 2013. Within the first month of using Skinny Fiber I had lost 8 pounds and 14.5 inches!!! I have been able to stop my water pill and reduce my blood pressure pill to one a day upon my doctor’s recommendation. I have not had a migraine in 5 months!! I do not have the pain from the tension in my shoulders at all any more! It is like it was never there to begin with. I have not had a Dr. Pepper or Pepsi in a 4 months and I do not even crave it anymore!! And no more hot flashes!! I do not feel that anxiety as much anymore and guess what??? My fingernails are growing!! To date I have lost 34 pounds and 24 inches!! I can fit into a pair of jeans that I have not been able to wear in 2 years!!

In the first 90 days, I had lost 22 lbs and 20.5 “. In the second 90 days, I lost an additional 12 lbs and 3.5 inches!! I had some difficulty the last 3 months because i had a virus that lasted a week and took me another week to be back to par. I did not take Skinny Fiber during that time. Overall I am thrilled with my progress and the only thing I wish I could have changed is the first time I bought Skinny Fiber and returned it with all three bottles still sealed…..I could kick myself for that!!! What are you waiting for??? Skinny Fiber Rocks!!

ღღღ Prepare yourself for the brand new year and start it off right! ღღღ
☆Skinny Fiber, is an all natural weight loss supplement capsule without any stimulants! Helps you eat less and feel full, flush away toxins, melt belly fat and more! ☆
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*This product is not intended to treat any diagnosed disease, the above story is personal to this person, your results may vary*


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